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Understanding Why Bilingual Marketing Is So Important in California

The United States is home to more than 25 million individuals with limited English proficiency. In other words, more than 25 million people report that they speak English less than “very well.” The language diversity within our borders is staggering, but the most prevalent language other than English is Spanish. More than 41 million Americans report speaking Spanish at home. These are people who may speak English at work, school, or out in society, but switch back to Spanish when they retreat to their own homes. In the state of California alone, there are more than 10.5 million Spanish speakers. 

Many modern Americans forget that Southern California was a part of Mexico until 1848. When we consider that, it is not surprising that so many Californians hold on to their heritage by maintaining their language. Add that to the immigrants who have come here since the Mexican Cession, and 10.5 million Spanish speakers suddenly seem low! 

Understanding the history and the prevalence of the Spanish language in Southern California paints a picture of why bilingual digital marketing can take your business so far. If your law firm is only marketing in English, you effectively ignore 10.5 million potential clients. If you decide you would like to begin marketing in Spanish, digital marketing is the best way to start. 

Digital marketing is incredibly useful in the Spanish-speaking community. Not many bilingual marketers are targeting Spanish-speakers directly, which means that digital ad space is inexpensive. Our clients have been shocked to see how large their return on investment is with Spanish-speaking ads. Additionally, Spanish-speakers have been shown to use mobile devices more than their English-speaking counterparts, which means that mobile content can be incredibly effective with this group. 

If you are interested in expanding your business into the bilingual sphere, call us today to discuss your goals. The marketing team at Abogados NOW has years of experience reaching out to the Spanish-speaking market. We can offer strategy, guidance, ads, and content that will resonate with Spanish-speaking users. You are going to need more than a simple website translation to reach this audience. Our dedicated work and expertise can get you there. It’s time to start talking to those 10.5 million Californians you had been ignoring before.

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