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Civil Rights Law

In regards to specializing in the area of Civil Rights law, there are many sensitivities and nuances that need to be considered. One of these notable distinctions is the ability to reach Spanish-speaking clients. 

Despite the progress we’ve made, civil rights violations are an abundant issue in today’s society. This is why this practice is one of the most crucial (and personal) fields to specialize in. In fact, many lawyers begin their practice with these sorts of cases in mind.

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Civil Rights Law Practice Areas We've Generated Leads For

Wrongful Convictions
Police Shootings
Police Brutality
Excessive Force
Unlawful Arrests
Conditions of Confinement
Failure to Protect
Strip Searches
First Amendment
Unlawful Searches and Seizures
Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
Pharmaceutical Fraud
Defense Contractor Fraud
Deaths in Custody
Denial of Medical Care

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