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Tenant Rights

Multicultural communities are often at risk for exploitation and unfair living conditions. All too often, members of these communities face difficulty finding the right representation to help them. Considering the current state of post-pandemic tenant/property owner relations, it’s more important than ever to make your services available to the clients that need you the most.

Abogados Now will position you and your firm as the simplest way to navigate through these difficult times by implementing multiple road-tested marketing strategies.

Our goal is to bring in the right leads for your Tenant Rights practice while cultivating a brand image that will rise above and beyond the static of the competitive landscape. We deliver customized bilingual digital marketing strategies that include web design, mobile optimization, content creation, targeted ads, social media management, campaign analytics, and more.

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Deposit Claims
Eviction Claims
Failure to Repair Claims
Injury Claims
Retaliatory Eviction Matters
Rental Payment Issues
Lease Disputes
Wrongful Eviction
Mobile Home & Trailer Park Litigation
Nuisance Claims
Slumlord Litigations

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