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Before consumers consider filing for bankruptcy, they often first search for credit repair, debt consolidation, debt forgiveness, and charge-offs. We convert those searchers into new clients for you and your firm.

Business Law & Intellectual Property

There are more Spanish-speaking Business owners and Entrepreneurs now than ever before yet most of your competitors are missing out on the huge potential that exists in this space. This is why Spanish digital marketing is now a core strategy for our members.

Civil Rights Law

Instances of civil rights violations are a powerful reminder of how important legal defense is when your rights are threatened. In fact, many lawyers get into the profession to defend those that have their rights violated. Focus on helping your clients get the justice they deserve, and less time worrying about finding clients in the first place.

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense marketing isn’t easy. It takes experience, the right skills, and a strong sense of what works to get results. That’s why we’re here- so you can focus on what matters most, winning your case.

Employment & Labor Law

Workplace controversies top the charts for inbound call volume. We’ll help qualify this stream of inquiries with only the most committed clients seeking legal assistance.

Estate & Trust Planning

When it comes to estate planning, potential clients have many important questions they need answers to. We ensure that you are in the best possible position to fill that need.