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"I think we've actually increased our budget with you 6-fold at this point. Abogados NOW brought me to a point where I never thought was possible. These guys have taken us to the next level. And they're not just out to get your money. They're out to work on your marketing, increase your marketing, and team up with you to grow together. I feel like I have them right in my office."

Why Our Members Love Us: We Generate Spanish Leads that Convert

As the nation’s leaders in Spanish legal marketing, we help attorneys reach English and Spanish speaking markets to sign more clients. Spanish-speaking consumers have the highest adoption rates of mobile devices in the U.S., and yet most of your competitors are ignoring what is the biggest opportunity in digital marketing for attorneys today.

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At Abogados NOW, we understand that you and your practice are unique. Our customized digital marketing programs are catered to your budget, business goals, and office setup. We go beyond general marketing services by helping your practice build the infrastructure it needs to support a growing book of new clients.

Spanish Paid Digital Advertising

Incorporate social targeting, geotargeting, high volume display, programmatic ads, video ads, and other novel marketing technologies to stay ahead of the curve and enjoy the benefits of competitive cost-per-lead metrics.

Mobile-First Lead Generation

Spanish-speaking audiences are more likely to search for professional services on their phones at a higher rate than the general market. We’ll create high impact ads for mobile phones on the apps and sites used most by both English and Spanish-speaking consumers.

Web Design & Development

Our site development team will build you a fully Spanish website that is mobile-first and designed to generate phone calls from potential clients. We’ll also showcase your practice’s strengths to give it the competitive edge it deserves.

Custom Intake Management

Spanish CRM intake, IVRs, call answering scripts – we’ve got you covered to ensure that a call is never missed and always handled with professionalism in both English and Spanish.

Spanish Video Production

Our video production team will write the scripts, hire the talent, and direct incredible and professionally produced bilingual videos in 4K to clearly communicate your firm’s offerings to multiple audiences.

Branding & Identity Development

Stand out to potential clients with a powerful bilingual identity that proudly demonstrates your firm’s services and values, in both English and Spanish. Our branding team will form a cohesive narrative and look for your firm that will remain consistent across all consumer touchpoints.

Spanish Content Marketing

Keep your website and accounts interesting with new content, in both English and Spanish. We’ll keep you updated so you gain immediate credibility with new users, and help you achieve the authority you need to showcase your active presence in the community.

Spanish Social Media Management

We’ll develop a custom content calendar based on your practice area, geography, and desired audience on multiple social media channels. Our engaging, shareable, and timely content will drive a new source of traffic to your site to stay top-of-mind with consumers.

Reputation Monitoring

Ensure that your firm is seen in the best light possible, as we understand that every successful attorney’s career is built upon routinely updated reviews and testimonials from happy clients.


All Abogados Now members enjoy the benefits of our premium Hosting+ service: We’ll host your site, secure it with layers of threat detection technology, and provide the routine updates your site needs to stay optimal for all devices and browsers.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Need to add a new associate attorney’s bio to your website in English and Spanish? Perhaps you’d like to add an automated calendar scheduling plug-in or want some recent settlements published on your homepage. Our web support team will make sure your site always reflects the way your practice looks today.

Real-Time Campaign Analytics

Our data team will build your own reporting platform focused on the two metrics you care most about: Cost-per-lead and Cost-per-acquisition.

Text Marketing

Text open rates are over 90%. Upon a consumer’s interest in your firm, we’ll incorporate automated texting to stay top-of-mind and add another access point to your firm from the comfort of a consumer’s mobile phone.

Automated Email Nurturing

As you’re investing in clicks and leads, we’ll import these consumer records in an automated email system to regularly bring back clients and even generate new referrals, in both English and Spanish.

Intake Script Consulting

Perfecting call answering is a nuance that will build trust and help you avoid missed opportunities. We’ll provide the English and Spanish answering scripts and IVR recommendations to make sure your firm is easily accessible in both languages.

We'll Let Our Numbers Speak For Themselves


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Abogados NOW is a performance-based digital marketing consultancy that only works with attorneys

With a data-first priority and an unmatched authority in Spanish digital marketing strategies for attorneys, we leverage paid advertising platforms including Google, Facebook, YouTube, and untapped DSPs.

We Drive Growth by Connecting to Markets Your Competition is Ignoring

Dual-Language Strategies for Consumer-Facing Practice Areas


Before consumers consider filing for bankruptcy, they often first search for credit repair, debt consolidation, debt forgiveness, and charge-offs. We convert those searchers into new clients for you and your firm.

Business Law & Intellectual Property

There are more Spanish-speaking Business owners and Entrepreneurs now than ever before yet most of your competitors are missing out on the huge potential that exists in this space. This is why Spanish digital marketing is now a core strategy for our members.

Civil Rights Law

Instances of civil rights violations are a powerful reminder of how important legal defense is when your rights are threatened. In fact, many lawyers get into the profession to defend those that have their rights violated. Focus on helping your clients get the justice they deserve, and less time worrying about finding clients in the first place.

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense marketing isn’t easy. It takes experience, the right skills, and a strong sense of what works to get results. That’s why we’re here- so you can focus on what matters most, winning your case.

Employment & Labor Law

Workplace controversies top the charts for inbound call volume. We’ll help qualify this stream of inquiries with only the most committed clients seeking legal assistance.

Estate & Trust Planning

When it comes to estate planning, potential clients have many important questions they need answers to. We ensure that you are in the best possible position to fill that need.

Family Law

Family matters are extraordinarily personal and delicate. Your average consumer dedicates hours to research visiting multiple websites. We help to place your brand in the minds of consumers as the trusted provider of choice.


Immigration issues are often at the heart of bilingual communities and are incredibly time sensitive, so we make use of targeted, dedicated ads to get you in front of potential clients fast.

Mass Tort Marketing for Law Firms

Abogados NOW offers the expertise and resources your law firm needs for mass tort marketing in English and Spanish.

Personal Injury – Auto Accidents

Car accidents are a regular and unfortunate part of our busy world. A serious accident can change a life, or many lives forever. We help car accident victims find you, so you can help them find recompense for their injuries.

Personal Injury – Slip and Fall

With an unprecedented number of personal injury advertisers clogging up the Internet, it’s hard to know where to spend your advertising dollars. This is where we come in. Slip & fall accidents are a huge percentage of PI cases. We’ll help you to get results by using tactics that your competitors are unaware of to close in a competitive market.

Real Estate Law

The processes behind Real Estate transactions are never cut and dry. With multiple parties involved even before escrow, lawyers are called upon to adjudicate disputes that arise. These transactions can be confusing to native English speakers, much less individuals who immigrate here looking to buy their first home. We’ll get you in front of your next clients, so you can focus on protecting your shared fiduciary interests.

Social Security & Disability

To make a truly lasting impression, social security & disability attorneys must consider ease of access and navigation when creating their online presence. We do. That’s why we help your firm stand out from the competition online while bringing in the clients you are looking for.

Tax Law

Taxes can be incredibly complex for even the most seasoned taxpayers among us. Many Spanish speakers new to the country struggle with accidentally misreported income, confusing deductions, unintended tax evasion, and other issues. We help take the edge off of searching for clients, so you can keep your edge in the courtroom.

Tenant Rights

Multicultural communities are often some of the most exploited by high rents and unfair living conditions. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for members of these communities to find help. We position you and your firm as the way through these tough cases with multiple marketing strategies.

Workers Compensation

When an injury occurs, workers look online to find the right attorney. We help you become the first choice by helping you get in front of prospective clients who are searching online for help and answers.

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