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Frequently Asked Questions​

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We do not. We build custom strategies for your firm based on your practice areas, location, budget, and growth goals. Working with us means you won’t need to constantly buy legal leads. You’ll own your lead generation source.

We’re not in the lead selling business because we believe in empowering attorneys to own their marketing. It is far more cost-effective for our members to own their own bilingual digital marketing strategy.

We don’t have a rate sheet. We customize your marketing plan based on a host of factors, including your firm’s size (yes, we consider if you are a solo or mid-sized firm), budget and growth goals. You only pay for your own tailored marketing strategy. We’ll be able to quote you a price during your consultation call.

Yes, absolutely. We’re proud supporters of small businesses; as a matter of fact, 40% of our members are solos. Let us know you’re a solo practitioner during our consultation call, and we’ll help find a rate that works for you.

We’ll discuss your practice, your short and long-term growth goals, your budget, and your current marketing infrastructure during our consultation call. We’ll also walk you through our attorney lead generation services and talk about which ones are best suited to your firm.

We’re a consultancy rather than an agency, and we specialize in the legal field. We only work with attorneys to generate business in both English and Spanish-speaking communities. We won’t ever juggle your business with a new plastic surgeon or hipster coffee shop member.

We provide legal marketing services for attorneys in all areas of consumer law.

The majority of our members don’t speak Spanish. We’ll build your intake infrastructure so that the right bilingual parties can manage communications for you.

We limit the number of attorneys we work with by practice area and market size per county. It all comes down to the fact that we don’t like competing with ourselves.

Yes, absolutely. We have a ton of experience supplementing and collaborating with in-house teams.

Of course. We are inherently bilingual. Our entire team is made up of native English-speakers from Spanish-speaking communities. We understand the cultural shorthand of both demographics and have produced stellar results in both languages.

We don’t recommend going that route. Our strategy involves addressing English and Spanish markets exclusively from one another because each demographic has its own cultural cues. Using straight-up translation services (or worse) tools like Google Translate to migrate your website content from English to Spanish will result in marketing material that falls flat with Spanish speakers.

All of our programs are month to month. However, we do offer discounts on longer-term commitments. Ask us about them during our call.

We do not. However, we do charge our members a fee to run on these platforms.


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We leverage our deep insight of the English and Spanish speaking markets across the nation to help law firms get qualified leads that grow their business.

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