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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense is one of the most broad fields of practice. Considering that 15% of Spanish-speaking citizens say they or someone in their immediate family had been arrested in the previous five years, a bilingual approach to marketing your firm is pivotal.

It isn’t easy to effectively promote your Criminal Defense practice. It takes a tremendous amount of skill, experience, and know-how to drive results and generate qualified leads. 

And lest we forget: time. You’re busy – let us do the legwork for you!

At Abogados Now, our goal is to bring in the right leads for your Criminal Defense practice while cultivating a brand image that will rise above and beyond the static of the competitive landscape. This delivers more qualified leads and saves you hours on developing a robust marketing plan on your own. 

We develop bilingual digital marketing strategies that are tailor-made for your individual business needs. Our services include web design, mobile optimization, content creation, targeted ads, social media management, campaign analytics, and more.

Our clients report more phone calls with qualified leads, a 70% conversion rate from call to signature, and a 3.8x ROI from our services. 

Spend less time strategizing and more time filling your network with recurring clients. Request a quote today.

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My ads are costing me money instead of making me money
I am spending more time on marketing than I am with my clients
Less qualified attorneys are getting the cases I want
I advertise in Spanish, but I am not seeing any traction
My firm is hard to find online
I keep wasting my time with junk leads
My website is a mess on mobile
I am not getting enough leads

What challenge does your firm face? What can we do to assist you?

We customize solutions based on your firm's size, budget, and goals. We don't think of ourselves as contractors. We're your firm's outside marketing team.

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Criminal Defense Practice Areas We've Generated Leads For

Insurance Fraud
Assault & Battery
Cyber Crime
Domestic Violence
Drunk Driving/DUI
Drug Crimes
Sex Crimes
Gang Crimes
Grand Theft

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