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Understanding How SEO and Paid Media Can Benefit Your Law Firm

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has dominated the digital marketing conversation for years. It refers to where you rank on Google for key search terms. The idea is to get into the heads of your ideal consumer, predict what types of search queries they are likely to use, and then design your website so that your site is at the very top of every search result. It sounds simple in summation but is incredibly difficult to achieve.

Think about how many law firms there are in Southern California. Suppose you are just starting out with SEO. In that case, it is incredibly unlikely that your site will ever beat the incumbents for search terms like “lawyer Los Angeles,” “attorney near me,” or “best lawyer in California.” The firms that rank for those keywords have been at it for ten years, at least. You can spend months of work and tens of thousands of dollars and never even get your site on the first page of the search results for these oversaturated terms.

The good news is that there is another way to go. Paid media is the SEO cheat code. A few of the top slots on any Google search results page are reserved for Google ads, and the amount you spend to secure the top ad spot will be significantly less than the amount you would pay to secure organic search results.

It works like this: you start an ad campaign and tell Google which keywords you would like to rank for. You then enter a bid amount, or how much you are willing to pay to appear in the top slots. Google will tell you how much you should bid in order to secure a spot. For more competitive keywords, the suggested bid will be higher. If your bids are high enough, your website will appear for the keywords you selected.

You won’t actually pay Google a fee until someone clicks on your ad and lands on your webpage. Instead of paying a large bill to optimize your entire site only to enjoy less-than-stellar results, you are only paying for direct hits on your website. It is a more economical way to go, and it is just as effective.

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