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How to Build High-Quality Video Content for Your Firm


Video is a massive component of digital marketing – especially with the Spanish-speaking marketplace. According to Google research, one in two Hispanic smartphone users seek out video content that is specific to them as members of the Hispanic community. Considering that half of that audience is looking for video content, your firm cannot afford to skip on video marketing. 


When most legal professionals hear the term “video production,” they think of large, expensive productions with airtight scripts and complicating shooting schedules. While that may have once been the reality, video production is not nearly that complicated anymore. While smartphones have made video consumption easier, they have simultaneously been making video production easier. We are all walking around with a high-quality recording device in our pockets. Pair that with a ring-light off of Amazon, and you’ve got a decent recording setup right there. It does not need to be professionally produced or expensive to be effective. To be effective, you need a decent-looking frame and top-notch legal content that will pique your audience’s interests. 


Here are some content ideas to get you started:


  • A Legal FAQ Series. People searching for an attorney are most likely looking for answers to basic legal questions. Film your attorneys answering commonly-asked legal questions and upload it as a series. You can find commonly asked legal questions right on Google!
  • A Case Overview Video. Your team handles legal cases every day, but your clients are only likely to experience one or two legal cases in their entire lives. The process will be foreign to them, and it is often anxiety-inducing. Publish a video in which someone compassionate from your legal team walks the audience through what it is like to work with them. Discuss what happens on a free discovery call, the likely next steps, how you will communicate with them throughout the process, and what happens after a settlement is reached or a court decision is made. It will go a long way in building trust with your audience.
  • Timely Explanations of Legal News. Whenever there is breaking legal news in your area, your firm should film a quick video explaining/addressing it. By posting timely and relevant content, you will be able to capture some of the search volume surrounding the event, and your audience will come to see you as a reliable source of local information. Move quickly, provide quality information, and clients will start flowing in. 
  • Video Testimonials With Satisfied Clients. You can talk about yourself until you are blue in the face, but it will never carry as much weight as someone else talking about you. If you have a particularly happy client, ask them to record a brief video testimonial for you and your law firm.


Video production does not have to be intimidating. Break it down into a short series and/or manageable topics. The worst thing you can do is to skip video entirely, so give it a shot!


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