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4 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Clients

Picture this: you just spent thousands of dollars building out your dream site for your law firm. And it’s beautiful; captivating images, thoughtful copy, and it’s SEO optimized. Your traffic is increasing by the day. Everything seems to be going according to plan.

And yet, no one is converting into a client.

Building a website can range from $100-$30,000, depending on how robust the end product will be.

There are a few reasons why your meticulously laid-out site may not be performing as it should. In this article, we’ll troubleshoot the top four reasons why websites fail to convert.

Your Site Has a Bad User Experience

When is the last time you revisited a site that spammed you with pop-ups, took too long to load, or didn’t tell you what you need to know within the first 30 seconds of scrolling through it? I’m going to guess never. Most people don’t.

Make sure that your site has first-time visitors with lofty intentions in mind. Use your top fold to address the immediate wants of your given demographic (for example: how can you help solve your client’s legal needs, and in what area of expertise do you specialize in?) so they don’t have to work too hard to find their answers. Make sure you’ve properly sized all of the images used on your site and minimized the number of videos you showcase to optimize page load time.

Pop-ups might seem like a great idea for lead generation, but they typically prove to have an adverse effect on the overall user experience. Nobody likes a blatant CTA (call to action) shoved in their face; keep pop-ups to a minimum in order to present yourself as a trusted site with your visitor’s best interests in mind.

You Have Too Many Calls to Action

What do you want your web visitors to do within the first 30 seconds of landing on your site? Do you want people to sign up for a consultation? Join an upcoming webinar? Give you their email address so you can send them marketing outreach?

Whatever your end-game is, keep the CTAs on your site clean and simple. The best practice is to have your main CTA embedded in the top fold of your landing page, as most people only spend approximately two minutes on a given website. Make the most out of your highly-trafficked real estate by putting a strong, effective call to action at the forefront.

You’re Not Selling Your Value

If potential clients don’t understand what you do right off the bat because your message is bogged down by esoteric buzzwords (such as “simple” or “smart”), you’ll lose their attention quickly. Cut out the abstract marketing gimmicks and get right to the point in regards to what you can do to help your potential clients.

Figure out what differentiates your practice from your competition and weave it into your entire site. Address your overall mission statement in a few sentences as close to the top fold of the page as possible. Sell your worth as succinctly as possible in order to rise above the static of the vastly impacted competitor landscape and make your visitors see how you add value to their specific needs.

Your Site Isn’t Mobile Optimized

Mobile accounts for about half of web traffic worldwide.

Many sites look stunning on desktop and unsuccessfully translate to mobile devices. This could look like stretched-out graphics, cut-off text, or wonky CTA buttons.

Many clients of website designers fail to request mobile-optimized versions of the landing pages they so carefully designed for desktop; this leads to a poor user experience and wonky pages on phones or tablets. It doesn’t take much more effort for a designer to create mobile optimized landing pages once the initial concept is designed. If you fail to implement this simple last step, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to convert thousands of visitors around the world into long-lasting clients.

Are You Using Best Practices?

After reading this article, do you think your site is optimized for user experience and conversion? Are you using the most effective CTAs as possible while selling the value of your firm? Is your mission statement clearly stated while selling your individual value in comparison to competitor firms? If you have any doubts about answering any of these questions, you might want to revisit your web strategy.

What do you want to revisit on your website? Let us know in the comments!

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