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Why ranking “1st” on Google actually means ranking “7th”

How Relying Solely on Organic Search Gets You Literally Behind the Pack

Are you proud when you make it to #1 on Google organic search results?

You should be because it means that your SEO team has done a great job optimizing your website and that you have high-quality content.

But you may still be losing as much as 50% of traffic. Or even more…

You may be even more surprised to know that ranking 1st in organic search today actually means ranking 7th on Google, at best.

But how come?

Google is continuously changing the search results page

During its evolution, Google has moved more toward ads products with less focus on organic searches.

So when your clients try to search for a lawyer on Google, they first see:

  •  Local Services Ads (if present) where they can find Google Certified and Google Guaranteed law firms
  •  Pay-per-clicks Ads
  •  Local Packs picked by Google based on information in the business listing.

It means that all your hard work to target the right keywords, produce the most informative and engaging content, and optimize your website can only result in getting the 7th place on the Google results page in the best-case scenario.


But then does it make sense to care about organic SEO?


A lot of prospective clients get to a lawyer’s website when they use Google to try to find an answer to a legal problem they’re having.

More importantly, many people do scroll down below the paid ads to the organic searches.

Not all of them do, but it’s still a considerable amount.

The reality is that clients at the top of the funnel often need to learn more about their legal issue before they are interested in reading about lawyers’ reviews, business hours or years of experience while scanning through ads.

So how much effort should I put into improving my organic SEO vs spending on ads?

The way to get your law firm website to appear at the top of the Google search page is to pay for ads.

Ads are the most impactful thing you can do to increase your visibility on the search results page. Some may even consider it as the cost of doing business now. Ads can bring immediate traffic to your website, resulting in new leads.

In addition to ads, you should focus on SEO as a part of your long-term strategy.

The marketing world is always changing. You need experts like Abogados NOW on your side, who ONLY work with lawyers and can continuously maximize your marketing, resulting in getting the leads you want.

For more information, schedule a free consultation to find out how we help you get more leads, while you focus on practicing law and working with clients.


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