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What Every Attorney’s Homepage Cannot Do Without

Your legal firm’s website is an online home base, and all roads should lead to it. Every ad, social media post, article, and news story should lead back to your homepage. When visitors land on your site, you only have seconds to make a good first impression before they navigate away and find a competitor. If you want to make your homepage stand above the competition’s, it absolutely needs to contain these five elements.

  1. A clear photo of your team. People like to put faces to names, and they like to see that regular, approachable people run your business. Visiting a legal office can be very intimidating for people who have no experience with the legal process. A group photo can go a long way to alleviate fear and build trust before you even speak with a prospect. 
  2. A prominent and clickable phone number. You want to make it easy for website visitors to reach out to you. The more someone has to look for a phone number, the less likely they are to call. Displaying your phone number clearly is the best way to convert visitors into contacts. Ensure that your phone number is prominently displayed and activated with a click-to-call feature on both the desktop and mobile versions of your site. 
  3. An explanation of what you do. Within moments of landing your site, a new visitor should know what type of law you practice. Statements like “We help clients find justice” are too vague. You need to go with something more concrete like “The best personal accident attorneys in Southern California” or “Employment lawyers who always stand up for worker’s rights.” Keep it clear and concise. Don’t make your visitors guess at all.
  4. Assurance that their first consultation is free. The thought of legal bills can strike fear into the hearts of many. Assure your visitors up top that their first call with you is absolutely free. If there is no perceived risk, people are much more likely to call with details about their case. A free consultation gets people thinking about their legal options, and it helps your legal team to put together expert advice that is more likely to convert callers into clients.
  5. Easy-to-use navigation. A strong menu can make or break a site. A good website never makes visitors think too hard. All of the information they need is prominently displayed, and movement between pages is clearly mapped out. In order for your site to be successful, you need a static navigation menu pinned to the top of your site. Visitors should be able to get anywhere from your homepage without frustration or confusion.

When it comes to building a successful website, out-of-the-box thinking is not often rewarded. Remember that the goal of a site is to make research and communication easy for potential clients. 

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