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Unique Ways to Showcase Testimonials on Your Website

Customer testimonials are a fantastic way to build credibility with your audience. After all, anyone can say nice things about themselves, but if a third party says something positive about your brand or service, it will go a lot farther than any piece of self-published content. The traditional way to display testimonials is on a dedicated webpage, but we urge you to think outside of the box. 

Here are five unique and creative ways to showcase testimonials on your website:

  1. With photos. If you can convince your happy customers not to be camera shy, a snapshot of a happy face can do a lot on your website. Pair a smiling photo with a quote or sentiment about your service. Website visitors will be drawn to the faces they see and will begin exploring your testimonials without even consciously realizing they are doing it.
  2. Pepper them throughout your site. Instead of guiding website visitors to a dedicated testimonial page, sprinkle quotes from testimonials in relevant places on your site. Did you help a client to rebound after a car accident? A quote from her testimonial should appear on your practice area page about supporting the victims of car accidents. 
  3. Film your team members reading testimonials that meant something to them. Most people enter the legal industry because they want to help people. When helping people is your goal, nothing feels better than when your efforts make a difference in someone’s life. Ask your team members to read testimonials that meant something to them out loud and film it. Their emotion will come through, and visitors on your site will understand how compassionate and empathetic your team is.
  4. Organize your testimonials by theme. This method still necessitates a testimonials page, but it features an organizational element relevant to the people visiting your site. Your team likely covers several practice areas. If someone comes to your site looking for help with a wrongful death case and is confronted with testimonials about product malfunctions, they are not getting a clear picture of what you can do for them. Instead, make your testimonials filterable or searchable so that people can seek out and review testimonials from clients in similar situations to their own.
  5. Post your testimonials on social media. Sometimes, the best way to use testimonials is as a way to drive traffic to your site. Instead of hoarding every nice thing clients have to say about you on your site, use it on outward-facing platforms and use them to drive new visitors to your site. It is an incredibly effective way to drive traffic.

Remember that testimonials rarely happen spontaneously. There is nothing wrong with asking happy clients for a review or testimonial. To make sure you are getting all of the information you want from your clients, write 3-5 prompt questions to get the ball rolling. That way, you will get detailed responses instead of inauthentic responses like “great service.”

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