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Understanding Website Heat Maps: What They Are and How They Can Help Your Law Firm

Picture your evening weather report. Let’s say there’s a storm coming in. The map of your area will likely be covered with translucent color. The areas with less intense weather will probably feature a green overlay, and the areas that will be more severe will be covered in a yellow, orange, or even red. Intuitively, viewers understand that the areas covered in darker colors are going to be dealing with a more severe situation. 

Amazingly, the same principles can be applied to your law firm’s website through heat mapping tools. 

Website heat mapping shows you, the site owner, which areas of your site receive the most attention from viewers – the most intense areas, if you will. At a glance, you will be able to tell which area of your homepage sees the most click traffic, and if consumer behavior changes, the heat map will as well. A heat map gives you a dynamic view of what elements of your website are popular at any given time. This data can help you to make meaningful content and marketing decisions. 

Let’s say that you have always specialized in worker’s compensation cases. You link to your worker’s comp service page directly from your homepage, and most of your blogs and social media copy focus on worker’s compensation information, testimonials, and news. Right next to your worker’s comp link on your homepage is a link for your automobile accident service page. A heat map would be able to tell you that website visitors are actually clicking more on your automobile accident service page. 

With this data, you can adjust your content strategy accordingly, driving more inbound leads through the creation of relevant copy. By putting out information that speaks directly to what your clients have demonstrated interest in, you will win their trust and likely convert more business. 

Installing a heat map tool will help you to refine your marketing strategy. The team at Abogados NOW relies on them and enjoys tremendous results. If you are interested in installing a heat map on your website, reach out to us today to discuss your individual goals as a law firm.

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