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Understanding the Importance of Marketing Tracking

Marketing is an area of your business that can cost a lot or a little. Some companies stick to minimal SEO optimization and rely on word-of-mouth for lead generation. Others invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in viral-worthy marketing stunts. Marketing is essentially a budgeting line item that can cost an arm and a leg, or virtually nothing. 

At Abogados NOW, we believe that marketing dollars should be well-spent, which is why we prioritize tracking and return-on-investments. Our goal with every client is to increase the number of inbound leads and converted customers they enjoy. 

We employ various tactics to make that happen and precisely track which leads come from which marketing initiative. With this data, we can adjust our marketing efforts to maximize our client’s marketing dollars. 

Here are some ways in which we prioritize tracking:

  • We encourage our clients to assign a unique phone number to each directory listing and advertising subscription. This way, you can quickly tell which listing is getting you the most business based on which number your inbound leads dial to reach you. Directory listings can get expensive, so if you can quickly determine which listings work best for your business, you can cancel any listings that aren’t performing well and reallocate those dollars elsewhere. 
  • The “how did you hear about us?” question. We encourage our clients to poll their clients directly. It is incredibly valuable to know what inspired someone to pick up the phone and contact your business. The quickest way to find that out is to ask them and record their answers!
  • Website metrics. Knowing which areas of your website are most popular can inform how we handle content marketing moving forward. For example, suppose we discover that most of the traffic your website receives consists of people visiting the automobile accident page. In that case, we can then build social and blog content around that topic to attract even more clients to your webpage.

Marketing isn’t something that should be handled by gut feeling. There is data out there to be researched, and therefore, decisions around marketing should always be informed. You don’t want to waste your money on fruitless efforts, which is why we ensure that every marketing move you make has a significant and exciting potential for return.

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