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Understanding How to Leverage Text Marketing

Texting is one of the last major opportunity frontiers in digital marketing. Consumers are used to seeing marketing messages in their email, search engine results, and personal social media channels. Still, few have fully adjusted to receiving marketing communication via text message. 

Text messaging is very personal. For most, it feels like something that should only exist between friends and family. For that reason, marketers must behave respectfully and with some restraint. Blowing up personal phones is a surefire way to get blocked, but if done correctly, text marketing puts your messaging front and center on someone’s screen. Make sure that when you capture their attention, they think it was worth it. 

Below is a quick summary of the dos and don’ts of text marketing. Consider it a guide.

Approaches that work for text marketing:

  • Personal messages. Let your customers think that they are only receiving a message from you because they are significant or important to your business. If you can create a feeling of exclusivity, your clients will not mind that you are texting them on their devices. They will love it. 
  • Calls to action. Your text should do more than say, hey. It should drive the recipient to do something. Whether you are trying to compel them to visit your website, book an appointment, or Google something relevant to your business, it is vital to include a call to action/
  • Keep it short. Novel-length text messages should be reserved for exes. Marketing text should be short, attention-grabbing, and to the point. Otherwise, you risk someone bailing halfway through reading your message.

Approaches That Will Alienate Your Audience:

  • Too many messages. Remember that an ill-timed marketing message delivered over text can feel off-putting since texting is such an intimate method of communication. You only have a couple of shots to make it work. This isn’t a situation in which you can bombard your audience with texts in order to see which one works best. 
  • Too much slang. Do not try to sound cool. Slang changes like the tides, so if you lean into a trend, you run the risk of sounding out of touch the moment pop culture moves on.
  • Anonymous messages. It is important to identify yourself quickly and explain why you are texting someone. Something as simple as “Hi, this is Jennifer from Company Name. Our product will deliver a lot of value to you. Click here to learn more!” [Include a link to your website). If you do not identify yourself right away, your audience is more likely to stop reading.

When done correctly, text marketing can be hugely effective. It can help to keep your brand top-of-mind and establish a more personal relationship with your target audience. Just remember that if you do text marketing incorrectly, you will lose credibility with your audience. It is a tough line to walk, so when in doubt, opt to speak to your audience less until you have an effective strategy prepared. 

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