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The Chat Feature on Your Website Is Killing Your Marketing Budget

Several key metrics often measure marketing effectiveness. The first is website traffic. In order to attract customers, potential customers must be driven to your website. That is always the first step in any digital marketing campaign. Once there are visitors on your site, the next step is contact conversion, or how many people on your website reach out and make contact through a form, a chatbox, email, or phone call. Lastly, customer conversions, or how many people who made contact actually converted into customers, are tracked as the last metric. Ultimately, your marketing rate should tell you your conversion rate from visitors to contact with customers.

Many marketers assume that the best way to drive customer conversion is to load the funnel’s top with as many contacts as possible. The idea is that if there are more contacts to work with, more will inevitably turn into paying customers. At Abogados NOW, we have found that the opposite is true. You see, not everyone who visits your site is looking for legal representation. Some are just looking for answers to legal questions. If you make contact too easy for those people, then your team will spend a lot of time giving free legal advice to people who will never actually convert into customers. The popularization of chat boxes has made this problem more acute for legal teams since live-chat is a fantastic way to get quick answers to visitor questions.

At Abogados NOW, we go against the grain by recommending against excessive use of chat boxes and contact us forms. The best way to drive quality conversions is to do away with the chatbox and provide one or two simple ways to connect. Most of the traffic Abogados NOW clients receive is from mobile phones, and click-to-call buttons always outperform live-chat boxes on mobile phones. By driving serious visitors to a phone number, we limit the number of converted contacts, but ensure a better conversion rate from connection to the customer. Your staff will only wind up speaking with people who are likely to hire you for representation with our system. Too many choices lead to bad results.

A top-of-the-funnel marketing focus wastes time and money. Instead, consider limiting your contact options to convert more qualified contacts. 

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