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Our Feature on The Law Firm Marketing Catalyst Podcast

“More often than not, attorneys don’t have a Spanish strategy. The Spanish-speaking market is not a monolith. What we do is not a translation exercise; it’s a brand positioning exercise within your local community. The Pew Research Center confirmed that the vast majority of Spanish speakers use their phones as a primary source for the web, at a higher rate than the general English-speaking population. That surprises a lot of people, but the data supports that you really have to understand the market, because the strategies that work in California will oftentimes not work in San Antonio, Miami, or Newark, New Jersey. They’re very different markets, and you have to have a deep understanding of the value systems in these metro areas to build the right marketing program.

If you look at the numbers, there are more Dominicans and Cuban-Americans per capita in South Florida than there are in Southern California, where it’s largely Mexican, Central American and, to various degrees, South American as well. Those value systems are very different because of how your relatives, your immigrant roots, immigrated to the United States. They all came through various channels and have different political systems. The way in which you land in this country will set the tone for your values and potentially the values of future generations after you…”

-Hugo Gomez: Founder, Abogados Now

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