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Not Going Spanish on Social is a Major Miss for Your Law Firm: Here’s How to Transition

Hablas español? Even if you don’t, you should consider targeting Spanish-speaking people with your marketing. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the United States, with more than 40 million people speaking Spanish at home. Latinos (i.e., Spanish-speakers) are the most active of all ethnic groups on social media networking sites. According to CNN, 72% of all Spanish-speaking adults in the U.S. are active on social media. This is a population segment that is frankly too large to ignore.

Posting Spanish-language advertisements on your law firm’s social media accounts is a great way to start engaging with this potential client pool. Here are several steps you can take to begin reaching your local Spanish-speaking population:

·      Know the audience you are speaking to. Your first step should be to conduct some research on the Spanish-speaking demographic in your area. Are they mostly immigrants? What is their nation of origin? What industries do they work in? What are some common issues, challenges, and struggles that they face?

·      Brainstorm marketing ideas. Next, take that information and come up with some targeted marketing campaigns. For example, newly arrived immigrants may not be fully aware of their legal rights. You can start your campaign with some general education posts.

·      Draft content. Keep your audience in mind. They may have different needs and concerns than English-speaking clients.

·      Hire a professional translator. This is not a job for Google Translate. You don’t want just to get the major themes of your point across, you want this population to feel seen, understood, and spoken to. The only way to convey your message accurately is through the use of a professional translator.

·      Hire bilingual staff members. When these clients inevitably engage with your law firm, make sure that you have someone on staff who can speak to them in their primary language.

Targeting Spanish-speaking clients can give you a considerable edge over your competition. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

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