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Multicultural Marketing Mistake: Forgetting Mobile

Mobile has been an essential and growing part of digital marketing for the past few years. Google led the charge by tanking sites that did not load nicely on our smartphones, such as with the infamous Panda algorithm update. Ever since then, web designers and marketers have prioritized mobile optimization. If your marketing strategy does not include mobile considerations, you are making a huge mistake, especially within the Spanish-speaking consumer market.

The Pew Research Center recently discovered that the digital divide between the white and Hispanic population was shrinking. More Hispanic consumers were online than ever before. The surprising discovery in this research came down to access. More Spanish-speaking consumers were online than ever before, but their broadband use has stayed roughly steady since 2009. That is because Spanish-speaking consumers don’t bother to install internet in their homes – instead, they rely on their smartphones for access.

Spanish-speaking consumers make up a whopping 25% of adults who do not have broadband at home, but own smartphones. 100% of those consumers will see your mobile site exclusively when they land on it. Among this market segment, offering an optimized mobile solution in Spanish is likely the only way to grab their attention. With more than 40 million people primarily speaking Spanish at home, you cannot afford to skip the mobile version of your bilingual site.

Multicultural marketing takes a lot of consideration. Proper translation, cultural competency, and consumer habits all play a role. Bilingual marketing can unlock a trove of new clients, but it requires real effort to make it work. Or the help of an experienced multicultural consultancy.

So if you are considering bilingual marketing – a prudent choice given the cultural make-up of today’s marketing, do it with intention and dedication. Reaching Spanish-speakers on their smartphones is vital in this industry. Do not miss this opportunity to secure new and loyal clients.

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