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Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Law Firm

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5 ways to make your law firm stand out from the competition

When it comes to legal representation, consumers have a lot of choices. Most are bombarded with ads for attorneys on TV, online, and while driving by billboards. If you want consumers to choose you for their legal needs, you need a way to rise above all of that noise and really make an impression. This is going to take more than a clever slogan or a well-shot photo campaign. It is going to take some large, impactful services that matter to your clients. Fortunately for you, we know what those are…and we can help you to implement them. 

Here are 5 ways to make your law firm stand out from the competition:

1. Provide bilingual legal services.

More than 40 million people in the United States speak Spanish. By only offering services in English, you are shutting out millions of potential clients. Bilingual services require a lot of effort and dedication, but the potential returns can be quite significant. Setting up a comprehensive bilingual service will require both bilingual marketing and bilingual staff. Hiring someone with language skills to work in your office is a step towards success. Next, you have to have a plan for reaching the Spanish-speaking market in your area. This is where Abogados NOW comes in. We maintain a team of culturally competent digital marketing professionals who specialize in connecting with the Spanish-speaking market. Bilingual marketing is so much more than Google Translate. It requires cultural understanding, nuanced language skills, and marketing know-how. This isn’t an effort you want to half-ass. If you are looking to expand your client base, bilingual legal services are a smart way to go. 

2. Commit to speaking in layman’s terms.

We understand that you did years of studying, and that you can speak in legal jargon as easily as most of us fire off a tweet…but the cold reality is that speaking that way will not attract clients. Remember that clients are not familiar with the legal industry, and that is precisely why they need you. When it comes to speaking to your clients, building a website, and giving interviews, avoid as much jargon as you possibly can. Speak about your industry as if you were trying to explain it to a ten-year-old. It may be frustrating and feel challenging, but it will help you to build trust with your client base. No one wants to feel stupid, particularly when they are dealing with the stress that accompanies most legal situations. Commit to explaining everything in simple terms. Potential clients will remember you, and existing clients will be incredibly appreciative. 

3. Provide 24/7 support and intake.

Legal situations do not always arise during business hours. For example, if you are a personal injury attorney, you may be dealing with clients who suffered an injury in the middle of the night. Providing 24 hour communication will do a lot to assure your clients that you are always there for them. A lot of times in moments of panic, people want to speak to someone who has authority…someone who has a plan. You can be that for your clients. You may not be able to do anything to advance their case in the middle of the night, but the important thing is that you answer their call whenever they need to place it. 

4. Add some levity.

The legal industry is very serious, and to most people that seriousness is intimidating. By adding a bit of humor to your firm and marketing, you are creating a more relaxed and comfortable environment for your clients. Not to mention, people who need legal services usually are not enjoying the best or easiest time of their lives. A bit of humor in those situations is almost always appreciated.

5. Give your best ideas away for free.

Consumers today do a lot of research before they commit to a product or service. It is likely that anyone who calls you has already done extensive research into your firm. Convince them to work with you by providing free, high-quality legal advice on your website and via your social media channels. This will go a long way in building trust and will convert a lot more clients than a law firm that is cagey and unavailable. Prove to them that you know what you are doing by providing high quality content and advice. 

If you are interested in making your law firm stand out, contact Abogados NOW to get the ball rolling. We will help you to secure more clients than you know what to do with. So what are you waiting for?

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