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Is Facebook Marketing Dead for Attorneys?

If you are an attorney and think that Facebook advertising is not useful for you anymore, you should reconsider.


The news frequently mentions Facebook’s decline. They don’t mention that Facebook is still the world’s most-used social platform in 2023, with nearly 3 billion active users, 1.6 billion of which use the platform daily.

They also don’t mention that because Facebook keeps massive amounts of data on its users, including their photos, geography, connections, liked pages, and profile details, advertisers can target their ads at the exact type of user they want.

You Can Build Your Brand

Facebook is perfect for developing your law firm’s brand. When you run Facebook ads, you will also promote your Facebook profile page, increasing brand recognition and awareness.

When your law firm shares engaging and valuable content on Facebook, it will attract followers who will contact you when they need to hire an attorney.

Organic Reach is Dead, But…

Facebook is continuously developing its algorithm to connect its users with content most valuable to them. In doing so, Facebook prioritizes posts from friends, family, and groups over organic content from pages.

In Zuck’s own words, “… you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and groups. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard – it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”

In other words, as an attorney, you will have fewer chances to be seen on Facebook without paying for ads. The users are there. You will just have to pay to reach them.

The good thing is that Facebook ad campaigns are still among the most cost-effective advertising options, given the extensive targeting opportunities.

Your Competition Is Taking Advantage

In law marketing, where new client acquisition is critical, you need to use every venue available to get leads. Using Facebook ads, you can reach your lead generation goals cost-effectively and show your ads to your ideal clients.

Your competitors know that too, so if you are not advertising on Facebook yet, you are missing out on opportunities to generate leads and doing your competitors a favor.

Your Law Firm Can Use Facebook Too

As a busy attorney, you need to produce more billable hours and spend less time on administration and marketing. Meanwhile, running an effective social media funnel is a lot of work. Everything from the creative to ads strategy to continuous campaign optimization for maximum return on ad spend takes time.

This is where a trusted partner like Abogados NOW can help. We only work with attorneys and can help you unleash the power of Facebook for your law firm. Our members see a 24% boost in monthly revenue on average. We’re here to help, and it’s as easy as setting up a free consultation.

For more information on how we can help leverage Facebook for your law firm, schedule a free consultation with us today.


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