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If You Still Buy Leads for Your Law Firm You Should Read This


As a practicing attorney, you know that a day with no leads may be a day lost.

To some lawyers, buying leads may sound like a no-brainer, thanks to the existence of so many lead generation platforms. Although pricey, these services provide immediate leads looking for lawyers in your desired geographic area at the click of a button.

There is also a slightly longer but more valuable path to get leads by improving your website, running social media to establish a better presence, publishing regular blogs and building paid marketing funnels.

Sometimes, the latter may seem like too much work for a busy attorney and not worth the effort. But is it?

Challenges of a Crowded Attorney Space

Law is an area where solo attorneys stand toe to toe with bigger law firms spending serious budgets on TV commercials, billboards, TikTok, webinars, you name it. In today’s crowded marketplace for attorneys, it is next to impossible to get leads without being personally known to your potential clients. What makes it even more difficult is that when people have legal issues that could greatly affect their lives, they often get distraught. They would rather work with a lawyer they have heard of and who is practicing in their neighborhood. Someone who stands out thanks to the marketing efforts.

Marketing your law practice can look like a lot of work…and it actually is.

Posting regular legal blogs, engaging with potential clients on social media and running email campaigns take considerable time; something legal professionals never have enough of. On the flip side, your law firm website, social media channels and marketing funnels are your virtual real estate, which can provide a steady influx of qualified leads day after day. Plus, by getting leads from your own marketing channels, you will be saved from selling your services from scratch because the clients will already know about you from your marketing.

BUT why NOT just buy leads?

On the other hand, buying leads from specialized services is the most straightforward way to get clients. You can buy leads at any time, with no extra effort, so long as you’re willing to pay a premium price. The downside of this shortcut is that you immediately stop getting new leads once you stop paying. The economics of buying leads can result in high cost and low ROI, especially for smaller law firms that don’t have massive intake staff and cannot work on low margins.

So should I buy leads or build out my own marketing?

Most often, successful law firms have multiple marketing channels and buy leads as needed, in addition to their other marketing. Think of buying leads as something that should be a supplementary lead source, not a primary source. Whether you are a large, mid-size, smaller law firm or a solo practitioner, building your own marketing channels just makes much more sense.

And you don’t have to do it on your own. When you engage professional consultants like Abogados NOW, who ONLY work with lawyers, you can get back your time to devote to billable hours and working with clients. Schedule a free consultation to find out how we can help your business grow in 2023.

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