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How To Write Marketing Content Your Audience Will Actually Care About

Imagine you land on a legal team’s social media account and encounter these three posts:

  • 5 Things To Do After A Car Accident
  • 10 Reasons To Call A Personal Injury Attorney Right Away 
  • 7 Things Your Motorcycle Insurance Should Cover

What do all of these posts have in common? If you answered, ‘almost everything’ then you would be correct. These posts are commanding in tone, offer instructions to the reader, and come in the form of listicles.

There is no diversity here. 

The posts may contain valuable information, but when readers come across a social media page or even a blog with homogenized offerings, their eyes glaze over, and they become uninterested in what your legal experts have to say. Add to that the fact that these posts are impersonal, cliched, and inauthentic, and you have a recipe for zero clickthroughs. 

When it comes to developing content and social media strategy, it is in your best interest to get personal, diversify the type of information you post, and tailor your content to what is happening globally. Compare that boring post list above to this one:

  • Fall Has Arrived! How to Keep Your Family Safe with Little Ones Headed Back to School
  • Employee Spotlight: Legal Aid Ruth Discusses the Most Memorable Case She Has Ever Worked On
  • Your Accident Checklist: The 5 Things You Should Always Do After A Collision

Notice that the improved list still contains a listicle, but it doesn’t only contain listicles. The new list recognizes what time of year it is and tailors content to that, offers insight into our hypothetical law firm’s working culture, and provides essential accident-related information.

Good marketing doesn’t happen on accident, and it doesn’t happen on the fly. To curate a diversified, personal page containing content that people actually want to read, you need to think strategically and plan. You should never find yourself in the position of sitting in front of a blank blog page and thinking about “what should I write today?” 

All marketing content should be brainstormed, drafted, approved, and scheduled at least a month in advance. 

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