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How to Never Lose a Hot Lead from a Paid Media Campaign

Think about the last time you researched something online. Maybe you were looking for a new doctor or even a romantic restaurant for an anniversary dinner. Whatever the situation, when you want information, you want it right away. Very few people want to spread out their research over multiple sessions, and most are looking for quick answers and decisive action. If you submit an inquiry on renter’s insurance on Monday, you want to have a solution locked down by Monday.

If a company waits to reach out to you on Tuesday or Wednesday, will you even be interested in working with them anymore, or will you be frustrated that you had to wait so long? We are willing to bet that you will be frustrated.

The same is true of your leads, and the window is probably even smaller than you realize

The likelihood of closing a client drops dramatically for every five minutes you don’t return a call from a new or hot lead that came in through a paid media campaign. That means that you need to strike when you get a new inbound lead when the iron is hot. So hot that you should start dialing their number the moment you see it.

This understanding is incredibly essential to maximize the return on your investment for paid media campaigns. Your paid media campaigns can bring in hundreds and hundreds of new leads, but if those leads are mishandled, they will never convert to clients, and you will never get the money back that you spent on the paid media campaigns, to begin with. It is vital to focus on the conversion from lead to a client so that your firm can recoup some of its marketing spend.

The longer you wait to return a call from a hot lead, the less likely you will sign them as a client. It is recommended that everyone utilizing paid media campaigns to develop a strong follow-up program to maximize conversions. Filling the top of the funnel does nothing if the deals don’t ultimately close.

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