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How To Engage Your Audience During the Holiday Season

2020 has been rough on everyone, but this time of year is likely to be especially difficult. Instead of gathering with family, sharing a meal, and spreading cheer, most people are in isolation, worried about infecting their loved ones and opting to stay safe and at home. This means that marketers are going to need to be sensitive with their messaging this year, but it is still a good time to keep in touch and send some cheer. 

The usual holiday moves like sending a fruit basket, hosting a party, and exchanging cookies are off of the table as we try to control the spread of this disease, but there are still ways that you can let your team members, prospects, and clients know that you recognize both this time of year and the problematic nature of 2020.

Below is a list of five ideas for engaging your audience this holiday season:

  1. Send a digital card with a video of your team members waving. Nowadays, we are used to seeing faces half covered by masks. Surprise them by asking your team members to film themselves smiling and waving without masks on, and then cutting your videos together in a video greeting. Everyone can use some face to face interaction, so take advantage of it and send a warm hello. 
  2. Treat your clients to lunch. Sending a digital GrubHub or UberEats gift card is easy to do, and it will make someone’s lunch or dinner time special. The aim here is to surprise and delight, and food breeds loyalty.
  3. Send your clients a cheerful mask. A holiday-themed mask is a great way to spread the cheer while staying safe! Send a few to your prospects and clients to let them know that you care about their holiday and their safety.
  4. Invite team members and key clients to a virtual happy hour. It won’t be the same as a holiday party, but it is a great way to shake off some of the formality of a workplace and to engage with people who are home alone. Ask everyone to share what they are drinking and swap some recipes while you are all online.
  5. Get candid and send out a holiday letter telling everyone how your key team members are spending their holidays this year. If more people hear that others are sacrificing to keep their community safe, they will feel more comfortable doing so themselves. A simple message like:

“We hope that you are staying happy and safe this holiday season. We normally host a large party at our home, but we are bringing it to Zoom this year to keep everyone safe. We hope that you can find some joy this December, as we cheer for a normal holiday in 2021.”

Whatever you decide to do this year, ask yourself these three questions before sending anything out:

  1. Is it sensitive?
  2. Is it safe? (i.e., don’t share photos of a large party)
  3. Is it cheerful?

Stay happy and safe this holiday season!

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