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Finding the Best Trade Name for Your Texas Law Firm

Trade names for Texas law firms have been a hotly debated topic. Once considered to be misleading, it looks as if they may soon become legal once again. A trade name is a colloquial name under which a corporation does business. For example, a company may be legally named Very Good Company, LLC, but does business under Very Good. Trade names are important for marketing since they are often simpler and catchier than a business’s legal name. Clients are more likely to remember a company name if it isn’t advertised with a series of letters after it. 

Trade names are also incredibly important in multicultural marketing. A company that goes by one thing for an English speaking audience can go by another name for a Spanish-speaking audience, which allows them to appeal directly to its consumers in both markets. Choosing the right Spanish-language trade name can be challenging. It is vital to stay informed and not cross the line into being pedantic or insensitive. Texas law firms should start preparing their Spanish trade names now, for when the practice of using them inevitably becomes legal again. 

Here are several things to consider when it comes to choosing a Spanish trade name for your Texas law firm:

  • What kind of law do you practice? It is useful to identify what type of law office you are right into your Spanish speaking name. For example, if you are an employment attorney, you will want the term “worker” in your name. If you are a personal injury attorney, you may want to use the word “help.”
  • What is the ethnic make-up of your area? Different nations use different terminology in Spanish. Using Mexican Spanish in an area full of Puerto Rican people will seem out of touch. Make sure you understand the make-up of your audience before finding an appropriate translator.
  • Do the research and avoid stereotypes. If you are not a part of the Spanish-speaking community in your area, your perception of them is likely incorrect. Suppose you choose a trade name based on your perceived understanding of Spanish-speaking clients. In that case, it will backfire dramatically — Research the community made up of your local area and question the first perception that comes to mind. Culturally competency is incredibly important in choosing an effective trade name. 
  • Consult a Spanish-speaker. Google translate is excellent for establishing a cursory understanding, but it misses nuance and personality. Before you make an official decision on your law firm’s trade name, consult a Spanish speaker to make sure that your name doesn’t come off as poorly translated.

Remember that the name your law firm goes by is the first impression that potential clients get. You want it to be explanatory, simple, and impactful. You want the name to stick in people’s minds so that the next time they need an attorney, you are the first office that pops into their mind. Naming is an essential and often overlooked element of marketing. Do not get complacent or choose a name quickly. Instead, do so with intention and reap the benefits.

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