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5 Things That MUST Be on Your Homepage

Your website is your home base in 2021 and beyond; all roads should lead back to it. To avoid being lost in a sea of content, every one of your social media profiles, every article you are featured in, and every advertisement you run should include a link back to your website. From your website, visitors can learn about the incredible case settlement you just made for a client, read your stellar content, and get a feel for the kind of amazing attorney you really are. With a solid online presence, you can convert visitors into prospects and prospects into happy clients. The key to capturing the attention of every visitor is first and foremost to create a homepage that contains each of the elements in this blog. Remember: this is your one and only chance to make a good impression. Don’t drop the ball!

Here are the five elements that every attorney’s homepage MUST have to convert clients.

  1. A clear explanation of what you do. Have you ever visited a website that promises to “drive results” and has boasted about “satisfied customers” so much that you were left wondering…what does this company actually do? The best way to engage potential customers is to explain quickly and clearly how you will be of service to them. For example, if you are a personal injury firm, you want to start with a header that reads something like “Personal injury attorneys dedicated to achieving fantastic outcomes for the victims of personal injury accidents. We can help you to get your life back on track.” You do not want to say something like “An effective and talented team.” – that sentiment could apply to nearly any legal team. It could actually apply to almost any company.

  2. Contact information. The goal of your website is to convert visitors to clients. Every move you make online is meant to drive people back to your website, and the goal of your website is to demonstrate that you are the right choice for them. If someone is considering working with you, they are likely going to want to speak to you about their needs. Make that easy for them by displaying contact information prominently on your homepage. Don’t make someone scroll to the bottom of your website to find your phone number and contact us address. Instead, pin it somewhere in your top menu, so that your contact information remains on screen. By doing this, you are ensuring that your visitors can decide to reach out to you at any time. 

  3. An intuitive next step. Your homepage is not a billboard. Sure, it has to have a lot of relevant and accessible information on it, but it should never be the end of the road. Websites are meant to be interactive, so it is important to create a next step for your visitors. Maybe offer a downloadable piece of content, or a video they can play! Don’t just state what you do and expect them to figure out what to do next. Connect the dots for them and give them something to explore or engage with.

  4. An overview of your services. Everyone’s legal needs are going to be unique, and a lot of times people looking for attorneys will look for one that handles the exact type of situation they are in. Providing an overview of your services right on your homepage can help you to weed out the people you cannot help. If someone is looking for a worker’s compensation attorney, but lands on your site that says, “We handle personal injury cases and workplace discrimination”, they aren’t going to bother to call you, which saves everyone time.

  5. Glowing testimonials. Nothing rises above the noise faster than a glowing testimonial from a happy customer. You can use as much marketing speak as you want and claim that your legal team is the best in the biz, but you are ultimately biased. A customer is not. Potential clients are going to look at the experiences of past clients in order to decide whether or not they want to work with you. Testimonials are powerful, and they definitely deserve a spot right on your homepage.

As your online home base, every page of your website should be aesthetically pleasing and intuitively functional – we mention in this post that a bad website can scare a potential customer away for good. If you design a strong homepage, you will keep visitors on your site longer, and your chances of converting visitors to customers rises immensely! If you need help designing a strong website, reach out to us at Abogados NOW. We have made it our business to help law firms establish a strong digital presence, and we can do the same for you.

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