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10 Rules for Making Compelling Video Content for Your Website

Video content is a powerful way to engage your audience, and it can be an easy way to separate yourself from the competitors who only use stock images and text on their websites. As an attorney, you can make videos on a variety of topics. Like we discussed in this piece on creating high quality video content, consumers are eager to view FAQ videos, timely responses to legal news, and more.

When you are ready to start producing videos for your legal practice, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Below are the ten rules for making compelling video content for your website.

  1. Use your own talent. Do not hire an actor or actress to deliver your message. Instead, leverage the people who work for your practice. Consumers looking for legal representation are looking for knowledge and trustworthiness, not a flawless line delivery. Videos represent who you are as a firm, so you should show who you are. Consumers respond to authenticity, so do not worry about imperfect performances.
  2. Keep it short. Something about the camera makes most people want to wax poetic. Avoid this impulse. Keep things short, snappy, and to the point. Always ask yourself, “Why did someone play this video? What do they want to know?”. Only include things that are in service to your audience.
  3. Introduce yourself every time. It may feel monotonous, but you never know which video someone will find first. Start out every video strong with your name, the name of your practice, and the legal area you cover. Saying something like “Hi, I am John Smith from Smith & Associates, a premier personal injury firm,” only takes about five seconds and gives your audience valuable context.
  4. Tell your audience what they will learn. After you introduce yourself, take another five seconds to tell your audience what the video is about. People are more likely to listen if they know what is coming. Something as simple as “Hi, I am John Smith from Smith & Associates, a premier personal injury firm. Today I am going to share some tips for handling a slip & fall accident.” can be hugely impactful.
  5. Make it a series. One-off videos have their place, but a video series is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. With a video series, you can cover more content without boring your audience, you can build anticipation by releasing them individually, and you can foster more engagement by making visitors click on more than one video to get the content they want. Things like FAQs, legal tips, and short video case studies make great series.
  6. Prioritize audio. When most people create videos, they prioritize the image on the screen, but when most people consume videos, they often look away from the screen, leaving them only consuming the audio. You can have the most beautiful set in the world, but if your audio sounds like crap, people will ignore your video. Make sure to use a high quality microphone for recording. Trust us, it makes a difference.
  7. Show some personality. Most attorneys will tell you that professionalism is important, but not nearly as important as personal connections with clients. Do not be afraid to let a little personality show – people always respond to it.
  8. Add background music to videos. Without soft background music, marketing videos can come across very stilted and odd. It is amazing how far some light instrumentals can transform a quick video into a strong marketing piece. Never skip the background music.
  9. Use a compelling thumbnail image. Your thumbnail image is a preview of what your audience can expect to see when they click on your video. Make sure that the thumbnail you use is relevant to your video and is aesthetically pleasing.
  10. Always end with a call to action. Tell your audience what they should do next. Do you want them to click on the next video to learn more? Schedule a meeting to discuss the details of their case? Follow you on social media? Tell them! They will not connect the dot on their own.

If you follow these simple rules, you should wind up with compelling and professional video content that will engage your audience effectively. If you need help or support with video production, reach out to our team of marketing experts. We can help.

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